Thursday, Jan 24th
 7:30 pm
 Studentenstadt Freimann
 5€ per person

Dear lovely Internationals!

Would you like to show us your BEER PONG skills, have an awesome night and want to win an amazing price?
Then look for your partner because soon is Beer Pong night - exactly what you are looking for!

On Thursday Jan 24th we will organize a BEER PONG tournament for you! It will take place at Studentenstadt Freimann. The participation will be 5€ per person (10€ per team). With that stake you can play to the last! So better train your BEER PONG skills!

Perfect your aim and score in all the glasses of the opposite team or. . . you will be the one who has to drink beer.
ESN MESA will organize a tournament in which only the best will be the winners – who will it be?

Are you gone be the one? If yes, you will win with your partner an awesome price! Don’t miss it!

Registration needed and will follow soon!
Save the date for now!

Thursday, Jan 24th

7:30 pm

Studentenstadt Freimann

5€ per person

Even if you loose don’t worry! After you dropped out the tournament you can continue playing at one of ours “free-to-play” tables!

We’re looking forward to playing with you!

With lots of love!
Your MESA-Team


Thursday, 24 January, 2019 - 19:30 to 23:30
What's included: 
guaranteed intoxication
ESN green