Saturday, 30th June is gonna be the day: The highlight of all
MESA summer events is waiting for you:
The International MESA Beer Race 2018!
If you do not know what a "Beer Race" is, here you got a short explanation about this traditional
Bavarian event:

The Beer Race is a run through the Englischer Garten with the
fastest team winning the race. However, there are some "special" rules with this race:

1. A team consists of two persons (girls, guys, mixed, doesn't matter)

2. The team has to carry a crate of delicious Munich beer from the start to the finishing line, and this crate has to be drunk up during the race (for guys this means 6 bottles of tasty Munich beer, for girls this is 4 bottles, for mixed teams respectively). Spilling away beer, giving away, etc. is strictly forbidden and will lead to the disqualification of the entire team!

3. On the route (which will be aprox. 6-8km) you will pass through various check points with different exercises.

4. All teams start simultaneously, the winner is the team that has reached the finishing line first with an EMPTY crate with all the bottles.

This is the race route:

We'll start on Saturday, 30th June at 2.00 pm.
The participation fee is 6 Euro per participant (payable at the
starting line of the crate race). This fee includes:
- The beer for the crate race
- Other beverages: ColaMix,.. to satisfy your thirst after the race

You can win eternal fame!
If some of you do not want to participate, but see the race and cheer for the winners, you are invited as well!
If you want to take part, please REGISTER until Thursday, 29th of June, 23.59 pm:

Saturday, 30th of June 2018

 02.00 p.m.

Studentenstadt (Christoph-Probst-Straße)

06,00 €

We hope to see lots of participants and look forward to Saturday!

See you soon,
Your MESA beer experts 


Saturday, 30 June, 2018 - 14:00 to 20:00
ESN orange