Dear beautiful people, 

are you interested in contemporary history, especially in Munich's history? Then join us for a guided tour (in English) through the “National Socialist documentation center”. On four floors the museum presents the rise and fall of the National Socialist Party, the forcible-coordination of Munich's population, their crimes as well as the continuity of the NS-ideologies in the form of racism and right-wing extremism. On the other side it shows the resistance movement as well as expropriated, displaced and deported people. 
The documentation center just opened its doors two years ago and offers a good opportunity to follow up on the German history and the marks that this period left until nowadays.

Although the tour is completely free for you, we kindly ask you to register since the SPORTS ARE LIMITED to 15 persons: After the registration, you’ll receive an E-Mail that confirms your participation! 

 Thursday, 21st of June 2018
 14:00 p.m. - 16:00 p.m.
 NS-Dokumentationszentrum München, in front of the museum 
 free entry

Thursday, 21 June, 2018 - 14:00 to 16:00
free entry
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