Thursday, Jan 31st
 11 pm
Call me Drella
presale: 4€, box office: 6€

Dear Erasmus Students!
Everything comes to an end and also this semester is going to end soon. Then the exams start and everyone will sit in the library and study.
That’s why we would like to party hard with you one more time.  We will party in Call me Drella like there is no tomorrow, drink crazy amounts of alcohol, dance and hug each other, cry and laugh until the bar kicks us out into the first sunshine of the dawn.
So let’s enjoy the end of this semester and spend one of the last days together with us!

Thursday, Jan 31st

11 pm

Call me Drella

presale: 4€
box office: 6€

Beer: 3,50€
Shots: 2€
Vodka Absolut 0,5L & 5 Mixers: 46€

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Your MESA & TUMi Team

#mesaandtumiloveyou #timetosaygoodbye

Donnerstag, 31 Januar, 2019 - 23:00
Presale : 4€ Box Office: 6€
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