Have you ever asked yourself how people from Munich celebrate when there is no Oktoberfest?

Don't you wonder what you can do with your Trachten the rest of the year? Do you feel like visiting a bavarian Volksfest again?

Then join us for Frühlingsfest, the secret star among Munich's festivals. Celebrate the first big festival of the year, also called the "small Wiesn", where real bavarian friendliness mixes up with the drunk vitality of a folklore festival, rollercoasters and small stands and almost cheap beer (only 9,50 € for a Mass -at least less than at Oktoberfest! ;)) Sometimes small things in life are the best, so Frühlingsfest is the better Oktoberfest. Which has the same abiance as Oktoberfest, awesome!

Since 40 years, there is the tradition of having this fest on Theresienwiese right in the center of Munich. It's more traditional and authentic than Octoberfest (which doesn't even start in October) an the beer comes from real wooden barrels. Coziness at it's best!
So girls get on your Dirndl, guys do the same with your Lederhosen and let's live this tradition of Munich! Let's look forward to a cozy festival on Theresienwiese!

We will meet at 11:30 am at the subway stop "Schwanthalerhöhe" (NOT Theresienwiese!) on the exit towards Frühlingsfest and then go together to "Festhalle Bayernland". Whoever is brave can try to get a place later on as well.

PS: If you make it until 10 pm, you will get to see fireworks in the sky over Theresienwiese (maybe even two)

You can find the facebook event here:

Friday, 28 April, 2017 - 11:30 to 23:00