7 reasons why - MESA

1.    Make new friends from all over the world!

By joining our events you will meet people from all over Europe and the world! With our events in the beginning of each semester like e.g. Speedfriending, it will be as easy as ever to meet people and to get in contact with them!

2. Get to know the locals!

By joining our events you will not only meet internationals like you, but also our lovely MESA family, that is made up mostly from locals. We can not only tell you about the best places to go for coffee or the best club in Munich, but we are also always here to help you with any issue you might be facing.

3. Fall in love with Munich and the wonderful Bavarian culture!

„Vom Ernst des Lebens halb verschont, ist der schon, der in München wohnt!“ - this is an old Bavarian proverb, which basically means: Half spared of the seriousness of life, are those who live in Munich!

And it couldn’t be truer! You will see, when you come to Munich, that there is no other way than falling in love head over heels! It is the perfect mixture of bavarian tradition and international modernity. With our events we will try and show you the best of those two worlds: we will visit traditional museums or a castle one day and go dance in a world famous club the next night!

4. Discover Germany for little money!

Join us for our awesome day- and weekend trips! We take you to the most beautiful places in Bavaria, like Neuschwanstein and Königssee as well as to our capital Berlin for a weekend and skiing in the Alps!

5. Experience Munich´s nightlife!

With us you will get to know the coolest bars and craziest clubs Munich has to offer!

6. Become socially active!

Join our SocialErasmus events to do some good during your Erasmus experience. We help out at the animalshelter, donate blood, teach classes at a local school and do many more things!

7. Be on the move!

After joining the amazing MESA family, you will not have a single day or night, where you don’t know what to do! We are always on the move in and around Munich! Be sure to check our instagram and facebook as well as to join our WhatsApp group, so you are always well informed about our happenings!