Sunday, April 11th
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 shop before: Weißwurst (2-3 per person), Pretzels (ca. 1 per person) and White Beer
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Dear internationals,
In order to start the new year in the Bavarian spirit, we are hosting a traditional Bavarian breakfast for you!
This is an online event where we will show you how to make (warm it up) and eat the famous bavarian Weißwurst.
The traditional Bavarian dish was invented in the 1800s in Munich at Marienplatz (yes, the most famous place in Munich!). It consist of white sausages made from minced veal and pork back bacon. Traditionally eaten as a snack between breakfast and lunch, there is a saying that the sausages should not be eaten after lunchtime. We do make an exception here by letting the event run past lunchtime, so keep this a secret in front of real Bavarians 
There are many ways of eating this sausages, the typical Bavarian being "zuzeln" (Bavarian for "sucking"), by which the sausage is sucked out of the skin. The more discrete way is to cute it open lengthwise and "roll out" the meat from the skin with a fork. We are there to assist, no worries
Common side dishes are Bavarian sweet mustard (to dip the sausage in) and pretzels. Bavarian Weißbier is served as refreshing drink. All the tastes combined make for a wonderful dish!
 DON'T FORGET to buy all the ingredients needed + register!
Looking forward to getting all Bavarian with you!
With lots of love,
your MESA team!
11/04/2021 - 11:30
  • Everyone is invited.